Around the World Rowan Goes!

Don’t you love it when something good comes to you unexpectedly? I sure do and with everything that has happened to me this week, I say my recent discovery was pretty good.

This past Friday, I was scheduled to be apart of an event crew for my TV club RTN (Rowan Television Network). And I admit, all week I was so busy that I was not exactly sure what the event was about or what it entailed, I was just going with the flow. So as the day came and me and the others were packing up our audio/camera equipment I asked about the event we were assigned to cover. I found out that it was RAH (Rowan After Hours) event called Around the World. 

The event’s purpose was to celebrate cultural diversity featured on Rowan’s campus. Some of the featured services/activities were performances by Russian/Native dancers, Cultural Crafts, Dance lessons, Henna Tattoos, and most importantly, an all night cultural food table!

I thought it was neat that they had a food table there all night from when the event started. And as each new hour started they switched the food corresponding to each country. My position for the event was being the roaming camera and that job entitles that I walk around and get some camera shots on what’s going on and trust me, I got some good shots of the food table. The food that were featured during this event were Falafel & Pita w/ Hummus, Bratwurst, Empanadas & Plantains, and the all worldly Sushi Rolls. Down below, I took a few shots of the food table which was featured all night. Take a look!

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