What are you thinking? I’m thinking Greek; An interview with Greek Cuisine restaurant Owner Christina Sofkos

Outside view of Think Greek Grill & Yogurt Bar/Photo taken by the owner/Yelp.com

This past weekend I was able to get a hold of one of the owners of a local restaurant here Glassboro, NJ. However, it’s not just any local restaurant. This restaurant is home to some homemade, old fashion, and fresh Greek recipes. Think Greek Grill & Yogurt Bar which is owned by Christina Sofkos is one of her pride and joys. The love for food and her own Greek heritage is what inspires and drives her to keep her business going strong. She also owns and operate a similar restaurant in Greece on the island of Lipsi which is pretty neat on its own. She has owned it for the past 7 years.

Think Greek; is located on 21 E. High Street in Glassboro, NJ. Just a short walk for Rowan students in the need for something more different yet delicious to eat. I took a visit over there and tried out the Gyro with special Tzatziki sauce and I could say that I was pretty impressed. I’m not too accustomed to Greek cuisine but thanks to this place, I think I will become well acquainted with it. However enough about me, here is my Q & A with Christina herself.

 Q: What made you want to operate this restaurant here in Glassboro as opposed to the city?

A: Wasn’t my first choice, but I saw the growth in the area. There are no similar restaurants in the 30 mile radius.

Q: One of the themes or ideas restaurants like these try to push is a sense of authenticity, tradition, and homemade. Would you agree with that sentiment for all places of foreign distinction?

A: Yes, this is the cuisine that I grew up with.  I use all my families recipes

Q: The recipes featured on your menu is full of options. How much preparation does it take to make sure your dishes are up to top quality?

A: For everything to run smoothly you have to have a well-stocked pantry and must have backups of all the items that you are serving. The biggest and the most time consuming job in here is the prep work.

Q: What recipe would you recommend myself and others to try?

A: You have to try the Gyro. It is the most popular. I have to say that that the sandwich is made by the tzatziki (yogurt cucumber spread). We pride ourselves on the Tzatziki. I get the yogurt imported. It is the thickest that you will ever see. We base everything off the yogurt. The tzatziki, smoothies, yogurt parfaits. I have customers purchase the yogurt as it is. You will not find another authentic Greek yogurt like this. Love it!!

Q: At what times does this restaurant become busy during this time of year (spring)?

A: It has been pretty steady in all seasons. I think spring is great because we take the tables outside and people tend to love to sit outside and have some wine or beer that they have brought with them and enjoy their dinner.

Q: Any special memory for you that’s associated with any of this restaurants recipes?

A: I have to say the tzatziki and the memories with my daughter helping me make it. She is 10 and has grown up in the restaurant. She loves to cook and she begs me to work at the restaurant.

Q: On your menu what could you say is one of the healthier choices on it?

A: All our dishes are healthy. The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest. We only use fresh ingredients. We only use olive oil. The only thing we fry is our chips, ff and falafel.

Q: Name me five of your favorite recipes within Greek cuisine?

A: I am a foodie. To ask me 5 favorite dishes in the Greek cuisine, would be mostly fish based. We are surrounded by the ocean in Greece anything grilled octopus, fried fresh calamari, sea urchin with lemon and oil, a special type of clam found in Greece called “spinalo” with lemon and oil and fried haloumi cheese. If I have any one of these I am happy.

So there we have it! As you can see, she seemed down to earth, genuine, and proud as one could imagine. If you haven’t already, check the place out and have a bite on some of their delicious food!

Meat being carved out for a Gyro by Manny Sofkos/Photo by Lori M Nichols/NJ.com

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