Food Festivities – Getting the heads up on Philly’s Food Festivals

A Chef pictures with a few recipes for the Philly Travel & Culinary Expo event last year/Photo from the Philadelphia Travel & Culinary Expo Facebook page

We’re deep into spring and summer is upon us. You know what that means? Warmer weather, late nights, cooler drinks, and for some, more free time! If you live in the southern New Jersey area, you could visit some of the beaches or one of the countries biggest cities right next door in Philadelphia.

Philly is a city with plenty of diverse sightings and activities to take apart of. That includes plenty of ethnic festivals which feature plenty of foreign food and dishes. I do plan on visiting a few once I have more time opened up. If you haven’t either, this post should help you out on what to look out for. If you have, I’d still recommend to stick around to see other people’s experiences with food festivals.

I had asked a few friends who’ve been to a few food festivals or events on their experiences and favorite foods they’ve eaten. I was pleasantly surprised at their answers to those questions. My co-worker Donald Nesmith tells me an experience of his.

“Last year I went to a few events sponsored by PECO Energy. They had a multicultural series in Philly where on certain days or weekends, they dedicate that day to having a festival themed around cultural traditions. I’ve been to an Indian event, an Ireland event, and a Brazilian event. Each of them were pretty dope. I especially enjoyed the food. My favorite dish from each event would have to be the Pao De Quejo, Dublin Coddle, and Dhokla. As far as budgeting goes I don’t care too much for it. I just go off and see what I can pick up to be honest.”

Another friend of mine, Marcus Williams, who resides in Northern Jersey but often comes by the South Jersey area, is a fan of the food festival scene around the area. He attended the South Jersey Caribbean festival last year in Camden, NJ  and was impressed by what was featured.

“Yeah, it was definitely a cool experience with the music, activities, and especially the food. I’m pretty sure we all enjoy food no matter where it comes from. I really enjoyed the jerk salmon specifically because of the seasoning added. I also enjoyed plenty of their smoothies offered. They were quite wavy and colorful, haha! If they do it again, I recommend anyone who lives in the area to go because the food they have is pretty authentic. I come around the area here and there to visit some friends I go to school with and we try to find stuff to do. Searching for some food festivals happens to be one of goals.”

I did some additional research on what foreign food festivals would be featured in the area in the coming months. If you live in the area and are interested in checking them out, take a look at some of these links I have posted up! Scroll through and decide which would be worth your attendance!

Odunde Festival June 16th, 2016 in Philly

Pennsylvania Dutch Festival August 6th-8th, 2016 in Philly

9th Street Italian Market Festival May 21-22nd, 2016 in Philly

Philly Travel & Culinary Expo April 30th-May 1st in Philly



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