Diversity Eats to the Finish Line – My reflection, lessons learned, and future plans

Welcome everybody to my latest post for Diversity Eats! For the past three to four months, I’ve treated you all to some of the more diverse ethnic food scenes in the Philly/South Jersey area. Exploring different restaurants in the area, finding out opinions from others on what the ethnic food scene is like, and going over some recipes along the way. However, like all good things, everything must come to an end. And Diversity Eats has reached the finish line.

I started this blog with the goal of expanding and informing people on the diverse eatery scene in the South Jersey area and there has been plenty of ups and downs. Some post I’ve gathered for you all have been easy and smooth to report on. While others were tedious where the process was annoying and drawn out. I guess that’s the price you can pay for trying to do Journalism work right?

I learned a few things while working in the online journalism stratosphere. I learned how hyperlinks are basically wormholes to new information, certain ethics to journalism as a whole such as learning how to acknowledge and correct mistakes accordingly, how to properly form captions, I also learned how my own smartphone is a great utility piece when going into the field, and among others, I learned how SEO is key to online journalism.

I’m glad that these were some of the few tricks/lessons I learned throughout these months and I thank my cool, well dressed, collective professor for that. I will utilize these tricks to my own personal blog as well. Speaking of which, below are my 5 favorite post from this blog.

Audio Interview with the Crisantos family

Profile on food/travel Blogger Jonathan DeLise

Photo Q&A with Christina Sofkos

Philly Food Festival experince

The Reading Terminal Market scene 

As for what the future holds? For now I’ll be walking away from this blog. It was frustrating to keep up with it and I honestly believe I could have done a better job with it.

However, there isn’t a need to go “what if” you know? I’ll be able to learn from my mistakes and plan ahead for future. I may be back on here to post something once in a while. Possibly a few times within the summer but no promises.

And with that said, thanks for taking the time to view all of the post from Diversity Eats! Drame out.


Food Festivities – Getting the heads up on Philly’s Food Festivals

A Chef pictures with a few recipes for the Philly Travel & Culinary Expo event last year/Photo from the Philadelphia Travel & Culinary Expo Facebook page

We’re deep into spring and summer is upon us. You know what that means? Warmer weather, late nights, cooler drinks, and for some, more free time! If you live in the southern New Jersey area, you could visit some of the beaches or one of the countries biggest cities right next door in Philadelphia.

Philly is a city with plenty of diverse sightings and activities to take apart of. That includes plenty of ethnic festivals which feature plenty of foreign food and dishes. I do plan on visiting a few once I have more time opened up. If you haven’t either, this post should help you out on what to look out for. If you have, I’d still recommend to stick around to see other people’s experiences with food festivals.

I had asked a few friends who’ve been to a few food festivals or events on their experiences and favorite foods they’ve eaten. I was pleasantly surprised at their answers to those questions. My co-worker Donald Nesmith tells me an experience of his.

“Last year I went to a few events sponsored by PECO Energy. They had a multicultural series in Philly where on certain days or weekends, they dedicate that day to having a festival themed around cultural traditions. I’ve been to an Indian event, an Ireland event, and a Brazilian event. Each of them were pretty dope. I especially enjoyed the food. My favorite dish from each event would have to be the Pao De Quejo, Dublin Coddle, and Dhokla. As far as budgeting goes I don’t care too much for it. I just go off and see what I can pick up to be honest.”

Another friend of mine, Marcus Williams, who resides in Northern Jersey but often comes by the South Jersey area, is a fan of the food festival scene around the area. He attended the South Jersey Caribbean festival last year in Camden, NJ  and was impressed by what was featured.

“Yeah, it was definitely a cool experience with the music, activities, and especially the food. I’m pretty sure we all enjoy food no matter where it comes from. I really enjoyed the jerk salmon specifically because of the seasoning added. I also enjoyed plenty of their smoothies offered. They were quite wavy and colorful, haha! If they do it again, I recommend anyone who lives in the area to go because the food they have is pretty authentic. I come around the area here and there to visit some friends I go to school with and we try to find stuff to do. Searching for some food festivals happens to be one of goals.”

I did some additional research on what foreign food festivals would be featured in the area in the coming months. If you live in the area and are interested in checking them out, take a look at some of these links I have posted up! Scroll through and decide which would be worth your attendance!

Odunde Festival June 16th, 2016 in Philly

Pennsylvania Dutch Festival August 6th-8th, 2016 in Philly

9th Street Italian Market Festival May 21-22nd, 2016 in Philly

Philly Travel & Culinary Expo April 30th-May 1st in Philly


The elegance of El Mariachi – My Interview with the Crisantos family

Today on Diversity Eats, I give you all my brief interview with the owner of El Mariachi Mexican Restuarant, Maria Crisantos. Being voiced in the interview, is her son Efran Mozo-Crisantos who was translating for her. This Restaurant is located in Glassboro, NJ which is a short drive from Rowan University (They also have another restaurant located in Philly which is ran by her brother). They serve authentic Mexican food and strive to give guest a good experience once they walk through those doors. The delicious cuisine included would be Cubana Tortas, Chorizo Burritos, the Alambre, Pollo Asada Tacos, and Churros among others.

During my interview, I ask the two on the process of being involved in the restaurant business, I ask on what they’re future plans entail for the restaurant, I ask them on some of their favorite dishes from their hometown to eat among other things. The two natives from Mexico were very kind in addition to welcoming during my visit. And those two qualities in the restaurant business are key. They even served me food afterwards (which was so delicious, I felt like I was reborn). So take the time to hear what they had to say in my interview! And I encourage everyone in the area to visit their restaurant!

Before we eat…

Whats up everyone? My name is Assane Drame. I am currently a college student from Rowan University majoring in Radio-TV-Film while minoring in Journalism. Many of you who are reading this may have been in college just like me. Some of you may have not. However, there is one thing we can agree on. We all love food. Food is what brings people together. You see food everywhere. You have different emotions tied to certain delicacies, good and bad.

Not to get too long winded but what I’m looking to do on this blog is to in the simple scheme of things, introduce you to some of the more diverse recipes and restaurants in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area.

Food is life. That’s the brilliant saying that’s been said on social media which includes a hashtag along the way but it’s the absolute truth. Food is an important part of life. Learning about others is also important as well and as a college student I should take this period of my life and use it as an opportunity to be more open minded about where others come from and what they represent.

I figured the best way to do that is to discover and try out different dishes from different countries. The south jersey/Philly area is full of diverse eateries so why take an adventure while keeping my hunger satisfied? On this blog I shall share my experiences, reviews, interviews, and maybe throw in a recipe or two so that you don’t feel left out on the bits of diversity and knowledge!

Okay, I think I’ve said too much now so therefore…let’s eat!